Ways to Donate

We know that sometimes members and non-members may want to know who and how they might give to our church or church community.  The list below are places that we feel are trustworthy and great places that can use your support.
TLC Church List

1.     Endowment Fund

2.     Tithe.ly - Offering - use Donate to TLC button on home page

3.     Sunday Offering/General Fund - in person

4.     Youth Encouragement/Sunday School - in person

5.     TLC WELCA - in person

6.     Project List: Wants/Needs

7.     Northwest Wisconsin Synod

ELCA/International/National Items

Global Missions

World Hunger

Mission Builders

Lutheran Disaster Response

Second Harvest Food Bank

Local Giving Outside our church
Donations for these can be made through our TLC church and designated for one of these below:

1.     H.O.P.E. (Helpful Opportunities for People Everywhere) (Foster Care Closet) - Helping Polk County Foster Families

2.     Food Banks/Shelves

a. Loaves and Fishes (Luck, WI)

b. Turtle Lake Food Bank (Turtle Lake, WI)

c. Feed My People Food Bank (State Wide Food Bank)

3.     Z. H.U.G. (Zion Hunger Unto God) - Local Group that helps with food especially around the holidays

4.     Luther Park Bible Camp

5.     Benjamin's House